A room with a view, of the room

Yes, I’m still obsessed with my apartment. Which reminds me of a joke I heard today. More of that, later.

If you’re in Edinburgh this August, or ever, may I urge you to sample the massage skills of Jill McLaggan. I heard Deborah Frances-White talking about her on the Guilty Feminist podcast some months ago, and this was the first thing I booked, before any shows. It was truly relaxing, and the most electrifying massage I’ve ever received – I could feel the energy flowing and sizzle of chemical release in my muscles. Jill is a wonder.

Juliet Meyers: This Flipping Rescue Dog Has Ruined My Life, 1430 Southside Social – Free Festival

I went to see this show because Juliet added me on Facebook. I expect most people go because the show has a dog in it. Dogs and feminism, what more could you want? Juliet is natural and funny, Homer is a scene-stealer. Seriously, he’s so cute. I’ve been thinking about him all afternoon.

Rachel Fairburn: Her Majesty, 1605 The Community Project

I’m not really one for guilty pleasures. If I like something, I like it, without irony and generally without guilt. I do however struggle a little bit with Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard-McLean’s excellent podcast, All Killa No Filla. It’s pretty much my favourite podcast, but it’s really fucking grim. I don’t tune in for the gory details; I love to hear Rachel and Kiri banging on about socialism or Oasis or trying to explain British culture to their growing American audience. But there’s a lot more killer than filler (there is some filler, that’s just a fact). And I feel kind of weird about how much I like it, because it’s about serial killers, so I don’t recommend it to people often, but give it a go. Also, you should see Rachel’s hour.

Rachel Fairburn is fucking hilarious, not least when she’s furious about something. She has a wicked turn of phrase, a forceful, sometimes aggressive delivery combined with an open, honest charm. Again, criminally under-attended, Rachel deserves bums on seats, so get your bum, take it down the Community Project and have a laugh. It’s a great hour of standup.




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