It’s All About Stu…

It’s all about Stu, it’s all about Stu, baby. That’s a fact. And I’m pretty happy with my choices. If you want to see his hour: Like I Mean It, 1545 every day at the Liquid Rooms, you’ll need to be there 15 minutes early if you want to get in, half an hour early if you want a seat (or if you know me, get in touch and I’ll give you the ‘special code’).

MANWATCHING, 1925, Roundabout @ Summerhall

It’s an anonymous monologue about female masturbation (I spared my 17yo daughter the joy of watching that with her mother) read by a male comic. I only went to see this because Stu was in it, but it’s a brilliant play and if you like the person performing it I can’t imagine you wouldn’t enjoy it. If you go with their wife and she gets the biggest laugh of the night, you’ll enjoy it even more!

Everyone’s a Comedian, in the past, Subway

Stu’s truly experimental crowd-sourced comedy hour was my one and only experience of flyering ( I had four, so I gave them out) as I shouted “come and watch the Comedians’ Comedian fall on his ass – or soar, on the wings of victory!” and everyone on Cowgate was already going to the show! So successful on many fronts.


It was also massively fun, with some truly great jokes sent in by non-comedian fans of Stu’s podcast, and some that Stu tweaked and teased to find the funny. It’s available in bits on the ComComPod Facebook.

The Wrestling, Aug 15th, Pleasance Grand


Far more eloquent reviewists than I will be raving about this utterly fantastic event, but I’m so proud of our boy Stu and his incredible athletics and acrobatics. I was totally caught up, loved every moment and shouted myself hoarse. Although my best bit was Mae Martin walking down the aisle next to us playing bass, to join a band of Andrew O’Neill and Pippa Evans on guitar, Tim Vine on drums (who knew?) and Nick Helm on vocals, smashing out Enter Sandman. But it was all great. Six stars.



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