A rundown of all the other brilliant shows I’ve seen and why you should see them

I’ve seen so many great shows – I know you’re not in Edinburgh, but please try and see these beauties as they tour near you…

Jayde Adams is Jayded, 21:30, Pleasance CY – I love Jayde, I could look at her face all day – she’s naturally, brilliantly funny and she’s multi-talented (go see the show, she’ll tell you all about it). You never quite know what she might do next, which adds to the fun.

Amy Howerska Goddess… *Unless Tired or Hungry, 2145, Counting House – I love Amy! I love a lot of people, but I really love Amy. She’s full of energy, her characters are so well observed and her show is personal, but not maudlin – and has the best surprise ending on the Fringe!

Amusical, Pleasance Grand

This utterly stunning one-off for Waverley Care was a fangirl, geek-out, screamfest of epic proportions. All the music came from Dave Cribb and a live band and featured incredible musical performances from the most exciting lineup of comedians, hosted by Jayde Adams and Kiri Pritchard-McLean, who utterly smashed it.

And you can see this show in London next month! So do that!




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