Day 3: I already don’t know what day it is

It’s actually day 4. What do I know? After a no-show day yesterday (I was busy enjoying my apartment, doing apartment admin, doing my apartment, etc.) I was way ready for some comedy today.

Stuart Goldsmith: Like I Mean It, 1545 Liquid Annexe, PBH’s Free Fringe

Finally Stu’s first performance was today. Full disclosure – I’m operating the lights and music, Stu’s my good friend and I was Wedding Captain at his recent nuptials. Now: the unbiased review.

I’ve seen his last four shows and I love both the narrative progression of his material and watching his performance develop year on year. He’s just nailing it; the perfect combo of jokes and having something to say. I’ve always found Stu incredibly charming and he totally had the audience on side, before testing them time and again, with audacious and very funny jokes.

You should definitely come along and see him (and queue early to be sure to get in).

Harriet Dyer: Dyergnosis Murder, 1730 Bar-Bados, PBH’s Free Fringe

I really enjoyed this show. It’s pretty silly, but Harriet’s one of the most natural performers I’ve seen. I couldn’t tell when she was digressing onto an unplanned tangent or when she was unraveling the ridiculous story of the show – it didn’t matter. She has brilliant pace, rhythm and rapport with the audience. We all laughed a lot. Also, check out her Etsy, her drawings are incredible!


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