When art is ruined by brilliance…

A few years ago, Adrienne Truscott took our breath away in a very intimate venue with her show Asking For It, so we were excited for Wild Bore.

Wild Bore, various times, Traverse Theatre

And we were not disappointed. In fact we were delighted by this show, which examines theatre, review culture and women’s bodies in performance. Adrienne is partnered by British writer-performer Ursula Martinez and Australian comic Zoë Coombs Marr.

Due to the nature of this show’s critique on critique, I shall say no more, but urge you to see it as I’m sure it will tour.

Zoë Coombs Marr: Trigger Warning, limited run (last year’s show), Gilded Balloon

Later that same day, as recommended by a very wise friend who’d seen the show in Melbourne, I went to see the show that changed everything, the show to which all other shows will now be compared – unfavourably. I have a tendency to hyperbole, but this is the funniest, cleverest, most brilliantly perfect show I’ve ever seen.

Dave is a character in search of his inner clown. Dave is a misogynist, old-school comic. His inner clown is a lesbian comic with a stock trade in fisting puns. The show is clown inception. It is everything. It is proof you can’t make intersectional feminism funny (that’s a joke, it’s very funny).

I loved it so much I bought a ticket for the following night, which was a different and strange version of the show, where some of the audience weren’t quite on board, but I was pleased to see the last UK performance and solidify the show in my weak memory. I love it. I’m considering chucking away my future and putting a trip to Brisbane on my credit card to see the last ever show.

I’m sorry you missed it.


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