Tiny Violins

I’ve had a lovely long weekend with my Naughty Daughter, but as a result have seen fewer shows, instead paying for her to go and see things that I love (Kiri Pritchard-McLean, John Robertson: The Dark Room – where she won TWO prizes, Mae Martin, etc.) and things that she loves (like the Glasgow Conservatoire production of Into the Woods). Poor (poor) me. But also, forty-seven cool mum points in the bank, thanks very much.

Jenny Bede: Eggtime, 2010, Pleasance Dome

I did at least make it to see Jenny Bede, and I’m so pleased I did. This show is bold and so funny, even though it’s about fertility, which I care about not one jot – my eggtime is basically behind me, having made the very sensible decision to get knocked-up at twenty. Child-rearing: check.

So I sent ND off to see the Dark Room and I enjoyed a brilliant hour of original and very catchy songs, a bit of rap even, a funny woman totally happy to send herself up and put the joke on her. I look forward to her jaded 7th hour when she’s ranting and angry, but for now this was a tonic.

Showstopper! various times, Pleasance Courtyard

Definitely the most expensive show I’ve ever attended on the Fringe, because I had to pay for Naughty Daughter (hang on, I told her to bring money for tickets, she hasn’t bought a single one!). It is brilliant improv, brilliant musical and our audience selection was Blood Brothers, Hamilton and Groundhog Day, so right in my wheel-house. Basically it was worth every penny to see my 17-year-old’s smiley little face instead of the usual “it was fine”. Go! Take your kids!


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