Mae Martin: Dope, 2000, Laughing Horse @ City Cafe

Mae’s Radio 4 show is brilliant; great stories, a great hook and her perfect, fluid standup. She’s got a great voice, which is really well-developed after starting stand-up terrifyingly early, aged 13. As soon as I heard her show I tracked down all of her podcast appearances and she’s just so clever, funny, she comes across as thoughtful and kind and she has a unique view on things.

As a result, I kind of knew a lot of the stories from her standup hour, but it was a real joy to witness how she’s woven them together. There are still plenty of surprises and a wonderful happy ending, kind of, but it was hard not to worry about her a little bit, even when she told us not to. I guess it’s hard to understand how someone so much younger than me can have their shit together when they’ve been through so much – but if you want to know how, you should watch her show. She’s a marvel.


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