I’m a big fan of Kiri Pritchard-McLean and everything she does, so it’s a good job she works so hard and has so many shows here, all of which I will see.

Kiri Pritchard-McLean: Appropriate Adult, 20:15, Pleasance Courtyard (Attic)

Kiri’s second solo hour of standup not only has a cracking real story at its heart, but is so genuinely funny and specific to Kiri. She’s got swagger and gigantic cajones – which we know, I love on a woman.

There are a couple of similarities between Kiri’s upbringing and mine, so I relate to her shows a bunch. And – no spoilers about the end of her show – but she definitely gets me and you probably need to hear it too. This show is a must see.

Gein’s Family Giftshop: Volume 3, 2220, Pleasance Courtyard (Above)

We all know Gein’s are the best sketch group and my absolute favourite, because I am a person of impeccable taste. This year’s show is a blinder; feats of stamina, truly shocking displays, intertwined narrative strands which have previously been less important. Kath is so funny this year, you’re going to love her and I defy anyone not to love Ed.

I’m not going to use the word ‘meta’, because it would make Gein’s hate me and I really want them to like me. Do yourselves a favour.


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