Late night sleep fight

I’ve finally been out after 9pm instead of tucked up in the apartment of dreams and it was a blast. Although I was then awake most of the night because I missed my three hours of just sitting. But anyway, the shows!

Adele is Younger than Us, 2140 Pleasance Dome

If this show sounds like your kind of thing, you’re going to love it – it’s a perfect example of the form. Two funny women, fantastic performances, really brilliant original songs and – best of all – they’re both 27 and complaining about being old. 

If any of this sounds sarcastic then fuck you, you don’t get me. The show is genuinely slightly obnoxious but they really play that, they know their audience and themselves and they also, apparently, know Adele! I loved it and musical comedy fans will too. 

PS if you think this show sounds like it’s really not your cuppa, you’re right, don’t go. 


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