Leonard Cohen

A timely reminder of this excellent blog – I think Leonard would have forgiven you.

Riffs In The Diff


Tuesday 4th September

Dear Leonard,

I have a sincere apology to make . . . I was late for your gig and I made someone else late for your gig and I am truly sorry. I arrived in the beginning of the first half somewhere between 8pm and half past (you had well and truly started) and I now realise that a Leonard Cohen gig isn’t the sort of gig you can slip into late, unnoticed and guilt free. The CIA (ahem pointless name change ‘Motorpoint Arena’) was packed and we had to disrupt a whole row of people to get to our seat. They weren’t too impressed really and I have now felt guilty for days. Also the tickets cost quite a lot. Never again when it says doors at 6.30pm will I sneer and say ‘they won’t be on ’til at least 9 o clock’.

Anyway, the good…

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