Daily accountability…

Everyday I log into my forum and post what I’ve been up to with my writing.  It really works for me to get it down and show it off, essentially.  I’ve written every day now since February and I’m proud of that and improving I’m sure.  It’s not for everyone, but if you have a writing goal to hit, I find writing (such as that) breeds more writing (such as this) and I’m more prolific than I’ve ever been, thanks to my little group, which you can find here (register, top right, to see posts):


Today I updated as follows:

I hate clocking in after midnight – it galls me that it’s not Wednesday any more, technically.  Also I have big plans for really, really this time, starting to go to bed earlier… but I’ve been failing at that all year, so I’m kind of cross with myself when I’m still up and plugged-in after midnight.  The consequence of that and some pretty crappy sleeping last night was that I slept through my alarm today and missed a good couple of hours writing time.  I guess I needed the sleep, but I’m a little angry at myself.  I might start a thread specifically about sleep – I need all the help I can get!

But, workwise, I’ve leapt forward and actually started the first draft of my BAFTA Rocliffe sitcom, which is now called “Players” – I’m writing ep3 and it is *fun*. I love my characters and the setup is so much more interesting than my pilot. It’s an interesting exercise even if I don’t get anywhere with it.  Each evening I’m going back to my radio sitcom, tightening up the scenarios so that tomorrow night, back in stinky old Cardiff, I can finally work on a treatment and then the episode redraft.  It has been *wonderful* having three days to just write and be… jogging and yoga and mindfulness… gee.  That’s the worst thing about a holiday… how on earth will I force myself to go back to real life?

One more day to enjoy and I’m determined I shall enjoy it. From a very zen and chilled person, still awake…



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