Tuesday Night Writes

Dear friends,

I’m about to unveil a very special project and I’m really excited to be announcing it here.

Tuesday Night Writes is a Writers’ Group online and in Cardiff, specifically for script writers (for TV, film, radio, theatre, or anything really).  We talk daily online and meet every Tuesday evening in Cardiff, usually something like 7-9/10pm, in different venues.  Our first host throughout April will be the World of Boats cafe in Cardiff Bay (of course).


Writers of all levels are encouraged to attend as often as possible, but it’s ok to turn up when you can or not at all.  Even if you don’t attend the group, the online community will be there for support and – my new favourite thing – accountability.  So if you’re not Cardiff-based that’s fine, join the online groups anyway.  Loads more information is given here:



So I’ll be really pushing three things:

  1. script readings – that’s what the meetings are all about
  2. daily practice – starting with a five minute per day habit and building up, we will encourage you to write something every day – then offer a forum for you to hear/receive feedback on your work
  3. accountability – check in with the forum every day and tell us what you’ve done, be it five minutes, five hours, or receiving a five-part commission for BBC Four (there’s no such thing).

Write every day, then tell us about it, then come and get feedback on your work.

Sound exciting?  I hope so.  Slightly nerve-wracking?  Probably.  But that’s why we’re here.  Writers shouldn’t always be in fear of competition, copyright theft and completely falling on our asses.  We should be working together and helping each other out.  Tuesday Night Writes offers a safe space to write, test ideas, conduct experiments and discuss your work.

There’ll be loads of hippy bullshit, courtesy of me and then great talks from proper writers about their experience and advice.

I truly believe Tuesday Night Writes will make you a better writer.  Or at least a lot more productive and that’s how we improve.

You have nothing to lose.  See you next Tuesday.



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