[aw-guhstSpell Syllables


inspiring reverence or admiration; of supremedignity or grandeur; majestic:

an august performance

venerable; eminent:

an august personage

This month sees the third anniversary of (continuously) working back in Cardiff and so much has happened in that time, I am truly grateful.

This month sees the fifth anniversary of my best friend’s wedding (and 35th of her birth) and this gives me much to celebrate.

This month sees the seventh anniversary of the end of my relationship with the only person I’ve ever loved and it’s a welcome opportunity to be thankful for my life since.

This month sees the tenth anniversary of the greatest gift a fellow can receive, my beautiful car Gloria Golf, who has been with me through all of the above and it’s fitting that this anniversary comes at the end of our co-dependence.  

Gloria, I will miss you most of all.  I will never know another like you.  That cigarette burn on my seat, the dog-sick and child-sick stains on the passenger side, the two (at least) different types of mould… the time the brakes went, the time the fan went, the time the front bumper was almost ripped in half, the time you were written off completely but rose again.  

Gloria Golf, you have been more to me than a car.  You have been a trusted friend and an accomplice in adventure, you have been a home, you have seen me through the best and worst and I wouldn’t have been where I have been, or got where I am, without you.  Know what it meant to be given a car, as a person who may never afford one, at a time where independence was the most important gift I could receive.  We moved to Sheffield together and my whole life changed because of it and I couldn’t have done any of it without my little car.  Nor given lifts to friends, rescued people, gone to festivals, football and countless celebrations, as well as single-wheeledly helping me move house (ten times in two years 2008/9).  

I love you as much as a person can love the metal and plastic that once spelled their freedom.  I hate to see you go, but it is time.  I hope that you, or parts of you, can help out others, but you will never mean so much as you did to me, little car.

I’ve never owned a possession in my cluttered and muddled life which has done so much and meant so much and although you and me have been lost together many times, I’m going to be totally lost without you, glorious Gloria Golf.

xx Miss Elbow (M133 LBO)



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